Water park

Hot, long summer and clear sunny days invite you to a refreshment in the Radlje Water Park!

The refreshment offers a natural swimming lake, where natural neat organisms take care of the purity of water and its quality. Swim between the lounges, jump from the pier, or surrender to the sun's ray on the green beach.

Hint to have good day: No one is too old to go down the slide.

In the water park, you can have fun all day, splashing and jumping from the pier is welcome!



Have a day of fun, relaxation and enjoy your visit with friends:

  • Play a match of volleyball – the sand is soft and it   is waiting for you
  • Overcome the fear of height at our Adrenaline park - next to the Water Park
  • Give a goal to the opposing team - freshly mowed grass on the football field is waiting
  • After a day of sunbathing and swimming our terrace invites you to a have a drink  and watch the beautiful sunset
  • The swimming pool is suitable for swimmers, non-swimmers, small children ... for all who love spending time in nature! 


A restaurant at the Water Park is inviting you to enjoy and relax at a sunny terrace; they are offering a variety of food, drinks. Every day you will be surprised by the rich selection of various burgers and refreshing ice creams,...There is also a playground for the youngest, with slides. In the evenings, you can admire the magnificent sunset.

Pets not allowed (sensitive biotope).


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We are a  young and motivated team,  our goal is to flurish in tourism! We want to bring  glamping  to everyone who loves nature who feels connected with the beautiful upper  valley  of the Drava river, and to all who feel "RadmamRadlje".

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