Health and safety rules and regulations

Can I help to keep natural balance of biological pool?

  • I take a shower always before I enter the pool.
  • I am not entering food and beverage to the pool and his surroundings.
  • If I am hurt (cuts, bruises) near or in the water, I am never washing the blood off in the pool. I notify personnel of the Water Park, so that they can act suitably and promptly. I do not cough in the eater, I do not blow my nose and I am not rinsing my mouth with the poll water.  
  • I never use pool instead of a toilet. That applies also to the youngest toddlers, even if they are using the waterproof diapers. If some clumsiness happens to happen to me, I notify personnel of the water park that they can act suitably.
  • In case of the water pollution in the pool or because of some unsuitable behaviour of visitors, we are forced to close the pool to visitors, until the necessary analysis and procedures are performed and the quality of water is restored. 


We are a  young and motivated team,  our goal is to flurish in tourism! We want to bring  glamping  to everyone who loves nature who feels connected with the beautiful upper  valley  of the Drava river, and to all who feel "RadmamRadlje".

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